Welcome to my realm 

One of the most exquisite things about being human is the ability to capture. A singular moment gets immortalized through the inscription of a word, a click of a camera or a stroke of a paint brush. Alternatively, a new reality is also birthed from the artist's intellectual womb through similar processes. Through out history, we have captured and created marvels. One way or the other, we have managed to leave our marks on the world. So, think of this website as one of the many marks I leave behind. 



It all started when...

I decided to name myself.

During my teenage years, I got tired of my "basic" first name, Abigail. I needed something eccentric and edgy, something that fit my literary style. So, I came to the conclusion that I need another word to address to. Eventually, I was googling away, searching for a name that was unique, but also respected the core essence of my official name.  After a few days of searching, I came across "Apikalia," which is the direct translation of "Abigail" in Hawaiian. Even though, I had no Polynesian background, I knew, right there and then, that I found have it.  I have found THE name.

One thing led to the other and I began signing my poems and art work with "Apikalia" instead of Abigail. All of my artistic creations got branded with this label. So, during the summer of 2017,  I decided to make something more out of it, and this website you're currently on became the end product. Here, you will find my random contemplations, literary essays, opinionated articles, poems and short fictional creations. I hope they become an experience for you as you read them, and for me, as I write them.